Genus: Dendroaspis (mambas)

Life > Eukaryotes > Opisthokonta > Metazoa (animals) > Bilateria > Deuterostomia > Chordata > Craniata > Vertebrata (vertebrates)  > Gnathostomata (jawed vertebrates) > Teleostomi (teleost fish) > Osteichthyes (bony fish) > Class: Sarcopterygii (lobe-finned fish) > Stegocephalia (terrestrial vertebrates) > Tetrapoda (four-legged vertebrates) > Reptiliomorpha > Amniota > Reptilia (reptiles) > Romeriida > Diapsida > Lepidosauromorpha > Lepidosauria > Squamata > Serpentes (snakes) > Family: Elapidae

This Genus consists of 7 species, of these 2 are present in Southern Africa. These species have a well earned reputation for being highly venomous and dangerous, however although they both have similar venom; the black mamba is more dangerous because it is more aggressive and more frequently encountered. 

Species native to southern Africa

Dendroaspis angusticeps (Green mamba, Common or Eastern Green mamba, White-mouthed mamba)

The Green mamba is the smaller and less aggressive species, Unlike the Black mamba the Green mamba is predominately arboreal (tree dwelling).

Dendroaspis polylepis (Black mamba, Southern brown mamba)

The Black mamba is the most feared snake in Africa and has the most lethal venom of any African snake.


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