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Genus: Selago

Life > eukaryotes > Archaeoplastida > Chloroplastida > Charophyta > Streptophytina > Plantae (land plants) > Tracheophyta (vascular plants) > Euphyllophyta > Lignophyta (woody plants) > Spermatophyta (seed plants) > Angiospermae (flowering plants) > Eudicotyledons > Core Eudicots > Asterids > Euasterid I > Order: Lamiales > Famliy: Scrophulariaceae

About 190 species, native to Africa, of which 181 species occur in southern Africa.

Species native to southern Africa

List from Plants of Southern Africa - an Online Checklist (SANBI), Flora of Zimbabwe and Flora of Mozambique.

Selago acocksii


Selago adenodes


Selago albida


Selago albomarginata


Selago albomontana


Selago alopecuroides


Selago amboensis


Selago anatrichota

Recorded from Zimbabwe.


Selago angolensis


Selago angustibractea


Selago articulata


Selago aspera


Selago atherstonei


Selago barbula


Selago baurii


Selago beaniana


Selago bilacunosa


Selago bolusii


Selago brevifolia


Selago burchellii


Selago burkei


Selago canescens


Selago capitellata


Selago capituliflora


Selago caerulea

Recorded from Mozambique.


Selago cecilae


Selago cedrimontana


Selago centralis


Selago chalarantha


Selago ciliata


Selago cinerea


Selago compacta


Selago comptonii


Selago confusa


Selago congesta


Selago corymbosa


Selago crassifolia


Selago cryptadenia


Selago cucullata


Selago cupressoides


Selago curvifolia


Selago decipiens


Selago densiflora


Selago diabolica


Selago diffusa


Selago dinteri


Selago distans


Selago divaricata


Selago dolichonema


Selago dolosa


Selago dregeana


Selago eckloniana


Selago elongata


Selago elsiae


Selago esterhuyseniae


Selago exigua


Selago farrago


Selago ferruginea


Selago flanaganii


Selago florifera


Selago foliosa


Selago fourcadei


Selago fruticosa


Selago galpinii


Selago geniculata


Selago glabrata


Selago glandulosa


Selago gloiodes


Selago glomerata


Selago glutinosa


Selago goetzei

Recorded from Zimbabwe and Mozambique.


Selago gracilis


Selago grandiceps


Selago griquana


Selago hermannioides


Selago heterotricha


Selago hispida


Selago hyssopifolia


Selago immersa


Selago impedita


Selago inaequifolia


Selago inconstans


Selago innata


Selago intermedia


Selago karooica


Selago kurtdinteri


Selago lacunosa

Recorded from Zimbabwe and Mzoambique. See Flora of Zimbabwe.


Selago lamprocarpa


Selago lepida


Selago leptothrix


Selago levynsiae


Selago lilacina


Selago linearifolia


Selago linearis


Selago longicalyx


Selago longiflora


Selago longipedicellata


Selago luxurians


Selago lydenburgensis


Selago magnakarooica


Selago marlothii


Selago mediocris


Selago melliodora


Selago michelliae


Selago micradenia


Selago mixta


Selago monticola


Selago morrisii


Selago mucronata


Selago multiflora


Selago multispicata


Selago mundii


Selago myriophylla


Selago myrtifolia


Selago nachtigalii


Selago namaquensis


Selago neglecta


Selago nigrescens


Selago nigromontana


Selago oppositifolia


Selago oresigena


Selago pachypoda


Selago paniculata


Selago parvibractea


Selago peduncularis


Selago perplexa


Selago persimilis


Selago pinea


Selago pinguicula


Selago polycephala


Selago polygala


Selago polystachya


Selago praetermissa


Selago procera


Selago prostrata


Selago psammophila


Selago pulchra


Selago punctata


Selago pustulosa


Selago ramosissima


Selago recurva


Selago rehmannii


Selago retropilosa


Selago rigida


Selago rotundifolia


Selago rubromontana


Selago saxatilis


Selago scabribractea


Selago scabrida


Selago serpentina

Recorded from Zimbabwe.


Selago seticaulis


Selago setulosa


Selago singularis


Selago speciosa


Selago spectabilis


Selago spinea


Selago stenostachya


Selago stewartiae


Selago subspinosa


Selago swaziensis


Selago swynnertonii

Recorded from Zimbabwe and Mozambique.


Selago tarachodes


Selago tenuifolia


Selago tenuis


Selago thermalis


Selago thomii


Selago thyrsoidea

Recorded from Zimbabwe.


Selago trauseldii


Selago trichophylla


Selago trinervia


Selago triquetra


Selago valliscitri


Selago variicalyx


Selago venosa


Selago verna


Selago villicaulis


Selago villosa


Selago welwitschii


Selago witbergensis


Selago zeyheri


Selago zuluensis



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