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Genus: Oxalis

Life > eukaryotes > Archaeoplastida > Chloroplastida > Charophyta > Streptophytina > Plantae (land plants) > Tracheophyta (vascular plants) > Euphyllophyta > Lignophyta (woody plants) > Spermatophyta (seed plants) > Angiospermae (flowering plants) > Eudicotyledons > Core Eudicots > Rosids > Eurosid I > Order: Oxalidales > Family: Oxalidaceae

About 700 species (cosmopolitan, greatest diversity in South America and South Africa), of which 203 species are native to southern Africa and two species that are naturalised. An additional seven species are cultivated in the region.

Species native to southern Africa

List from Plants of Southern Africa - an Online Checklist (SANBI), Flora of Zimbabwe and Flora of Mozambique.

Oxalis adenodes


Oxalis adspersa


Oxalis albiuscula


Oxalis algoensis


Oxalis ambigua


Oxalis amblyodonta


Oxalis amblyosepala


Oxalis annae


Oxalis anomala


Oxalis anthelmintica


Oxalis argillacea


Oxalis argyrophylla


Oxalis aridicola


Oxalis attaquana


Oxalis aurea

Oxalis ausensis


Oxalis beneprotecta


Oxalis bifida


Oxalis bifurca


Oxalis blastorrhiza


Oxalis bowiei


Oxalis burkei

Oxalis burtoniae


Oxalis callosa

Oxalis calvinensis


Oxalis camelopardalis


Oxalis campicola


Oxalis campylorrhiza


Oxalis capillacea


Oxalis caprina

Oxalis cathara


Oxalis ciliaris


Oxalis clavifolia


Oxalis commutata


Oxalis comosa

Oxalis compressa


Oxalis comptonii


Oxalis confertifolia


Oxalis convexula


Oxalis copiosa


Oxalis corniculata

Recorded from Zimbabwe.

Oxalis creaseyi


Oxalis crispula


Oxalis crocea


Oxalis cuneata


Oxalis davyana


Oxalis densa


Oxalis depressa

Oxalis deserticola


Oxalis dichotoma  


Oxalis dilatata


Oxalis dines


Oxalis disticha

Oxalis dregei

Oxalis droseroides

Oxalis duriuscula


Oxalis ebracteata


Oxalis eckloniana


Oxalis engleriana


Oxalis ericifolia


Oxalis exserta


Oxalis extensa


Oxalis fabifolia

Oxalis falcatula


Oxalis fergusonae


Oxalis fibrosa


Oxalis flava

Oxalis flaviuscula


Oxalis fourcadei


Oxalis foveolata


Oxalis fragilis


Oxalis furcillata


Oxalis giftbergensis


Oxalis glabra

Native to the Western Cape, on sandy flats and lower slopes from Clanwilliam to Caledon. The underground stolons and runners enable it to form large carpets of plants, which form a mass of colour when in flower (April to November).

Oxalis goniorrhiza


Oxalis gracilipes


Oxalis gracilis

Oxalis grammopetala


Oxalis grammophylla


Oxalis haedulipes


Oxalis hantamensis


Oxalis heidelbergensis


Oxalis helicoides


Oxalis henrici


Oxalis heterophylla

Oxalis hirsuta


Oxalis hirta

Oxalis hygrophila


Oxalis imbricata


Oxalis inaequalis


Oxalis incarnata

Oxalis inconspicua


Oxalis involuta


Oxalis ioeides


Oxalis kamiesbergensis


Oxalis knuthiana


Oxalis lanata


Oxalis lasiorrhiza


Oxalis latifolia

Recorded from Zimbabwe.

Oxalis lawsonii


Oxalis laxicaulis


Oxalis leipoldtii


Oxalis leptocalyx


Oxalis leptogramma


Oxalis levis


Oxalis lichenoides


Oxalis lindaviana


Oxalis linearis

Oxalis lineolata


Oxalis livida

Oxalis louisae


Oxalis luederitzii


Oxalis luteola

Oxalis macra


Oxalis marlothii


Oxalis massoniana


Oxalis meisneri

Oxalis melanograpta


Oxalis melanosticta

Oxalis microdonta


Oxalis minuta


Oxalis monophylla


Oxalis multicaulis


Oxalis namaquana


Oxalis natans


Oxalis nidulans


Oxalis nortieri


Oxalis obliquifolia

Oxalis obtusa

Oxalis oculifera


Oxalis odorata


Oxalis oligophylla


Oxalis orbicularis


Oxalis oreithala


Oxalis oreophila


Oxalis orthopoda


Oxalis pallens


Oxalis palmifrons


Oxalis pardalis

Oxalis pendulifolia


Oxalis perineson


Oxalis pes-caprae (Cape sorrel)

A geophyte native to Namibia and South Africa (Northern Cape, Western Cape and Eastern Cape). Occurs as a weed in many parts of the World.

Oxalis petiolulata


Oxalis petraea


Oxalis phloxidiflora


Oxalis pillansiana


Oxalis pocockiae


Oxalis polyphylla

Oxalis porphyriosiphon


Oxalis primuloides


Oxalis psammophila


Oxalis pseudo-cernua


Oxalis pseudo-hirta


Oxalis psilopoda


Oxalis pulchella


Oxalis pulvinata


Oxalis punctata


Oxalis purpurascens


Oxalis purpurata


Oxalis purpurea

Oxalis pusilla


Oxalis reclinata


Oxalis recticaulis

Oxalis reflexa


Oxalis rhomboidea


Oxalis robinsonii


Oxalis rubro-punctata


Oxalis salteri


Oxalis schaeferi


Oxalis semiloba

Oxalis senecta

Oxalis setosa


Oxalis simplex


Oxalis smithiana

Oxalis sonderiana

Oxalis stellata


Oxalis stenopetala


Oxalis stenoptera


Oxalis stenorrhyncha


Oxalis stictocheila


Oxalis stokoei


Oxalis strigosa


Oxalis suavis


Oxalis subsessilis


Oxalis suteroides


Oxalis tenella


Oxalis tenuifolia


Oxalis tenuipes


Oxalis tenuis


Oxalis tomentosa


Oxalis tragopoda


Oxalis truncatula


Oxalis tysonii


Oxalis uliginosa


Oxalis variifolia


Oxalis versicolor (Candycane sorrel)

White flowers with yellow centres and distinctive reddish-purple margins on the underside of the petals. When the flower if furled it appears as a column of spiraling reddish-purple and white bands reminiscent of a candycane, hence the common name. Native to flats and slopes in the southwestern region of the Western Cape.

Oxalis versicolor (Candycane sorrel)

Oxalis virginea


Oxalis viscidula


Oxalis viscosa


Oxalis xantha


Oxalis zeekoevleyensis


Oxalis zeyheri


Species naturalised in southern Africa

List from Plants of Southern Africa - an Online Checklist (SANBI).

Oxalis corniculata

See Flora of Zimbabwe.


Oxalis latifolia

See Flora of Zimbabwe.


Other species, cultivated in southern Africa

List from Glen (2002).

Oxalis hedysaroides


Oxalis lasiandra

Native to Mexico.


Oxalis megalorrhiza

[= Oxalis carnosa]

Native to Chile.


Oxalis rosea

Native to Chile.


Oxalis tetraphylla

[= Oxalis deppei]

Native to Mexico.


Oxalis triangularis


Oxalis vulcanicola

Native from Salvador to Panama.




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