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Erica > Indehiscent fruited species (former Minors)

Life > eukaryotes > Archaeoplastida > Chloroplastida > Charophyta > Streptophytina > Plantae (land plants) > Tracheophyta (vascular plants) > Euphyllophyta > Lignophyta (woody plants) > Spermatophyta (seed plants) > Angiospermae (flowering plants) > Eudicotyledons > Core Eudicots > Asterids > Order: Ericales > Family: Ericaceae > Genus: Erica

86 species

Species native to southern Africa

Erica agglutinans

[=Syndesmanthus schlechteri]


Erica albertyniae



Erica anguliger

[=Anomalanthus scoparius + others]


Erica angulosa

[=Simocheilus fourcadei]


Erica arachnocalyx

[=Arachnocalyx viscidus]


Erica areolata

[=Coccosperma areolatum]


Erica artemisioides

[=Salaxis artemisioides]


Erica atromontana



Erica axillaris

[=Salaxis axillaris]


Erica benthamiana

[=Sympieza/Aniserica gracilis]


Erica binaria



Erica bokkeveldia

[=Eremia calycina]


Erica bolusanthus

[=Thoracosperma nanum]


Erica boucheri



Erica bredasiana

[=Salaxis pumila]


Erica brownii

[=Syndesmanthus breviflorus]


Erica burchelliana

[=Coilostigma glabrum]


Erica calcicola

[=Scyphogyne calcicola]


Erica caprina

[=Grisebachia minutiflora]


Erica cereris

[=Arachnocalyx cereris]


Erica cetrata

[=Eremia peltata]


Erica curvistyla

[=Eremia curvistyla]


Erica dispar

[=Simocheilus dispar]


Erica dregei

[=Simocheilus oblongus]


Erica ecklonii

[=Sympieza eckloniana]


Erica eglandulosa

[=Scyphogyne eglandulosa]


Erica eremioides

[=Grisebachia parviflora]


Erica erina

[=Syndesmanthus erinus]


Erica eriocephala

[=Acrostemon hirsutus]


Erica glabella

[=Simocheilus glabellus]


Erica globiceps

[=Syndesmanthus globiceps]


Erica inaequalis

[=Simocheilus puberulus]


Erica inflaticalyx



Erica innovans

[=Syndesmanthus pumilus]


Erica interrupta

[=Thoracosperma interruptum]


Erica jacksoniana



Erica jonasiana



Erica kammanassieae



Erica karwyderi



Erica labialis

[=Sympieza labialis]


Erica lateriflora

[=Grisebachia secundiflora]


Erica malmesburiensis



Erica melanomontana

[=Scyphogyne orientalis]


Erica miniscula

[=Scyphogyne tenuis]


Erica montis-hominis



Erica muscosa

[=Scyphogyne muscosa]


Erica niveniana

[=Syndesmanthus nivenii]


Erica outeniquae

[=Eremiella outeniquae]


Erica parviporandra



Erica paucifolia

[=Syndesmanthus paucifolius]


Erica perplexa



Erica phacelanthera

[=Scyphogyne capitata]


Erica phaeocarpa

[=Simocheilus quadrisulcus]


Erica piquetbergensis

[=Simocheilus piquetbergensis]


Erica pilosiflora

[=Acrostemon eriocephalus]


Erica platycalyx

[=Platycalyx pumila]


Erica plumosa

[=Grisebachia plumosa]


Erica puberuliflora

[=Thoracosperma puberulum]


Erica pulchelliflora

[=Syndesmanthus pulchellus]


Erica quadrifida

[=Thoracosperma paniculatum]


Erica radicans

[=Thoracosperma radicans, Acrostemon schlechteri]


Erica recurvifolia

[=Eremia recurvata]


Erica remota

[=Scyphogyne remota]


Erica rigidula

[=Scyphogyne rigidula]


Erica rosacea

[=Thoracosperma galpinii]


Erica rugata

[=Coccosperma rugosum]


Erica rusticula



Erica serrata

[=Nagelocarpus serratus]


Erica similis

[=Syndesmanthus articulatus]


Erica stokoeanthus

[=Stokoeanthus chionophilus]


Erica subcapitata

[=Coccosperma hexandrum]


Erica terniflora

[=Salaxis triflora]


Erica thamnoides

[=Thamnus multiflorus]


Erica totta

[=Eremia totta]


Erica tragomontana



Erica uberiflora

[=Simocheilus multiflorus]


Erica urceolata

[=Scyphogyne urceolata]


Erica vallis-fluminis



Erica velatiflora

[=Eremia brevifolia]


Erica venustiflora

[=Syndesmanthus venustus]


Erica vernicosa



Erica viscosissima

[=Syndesmanthus viscosus]


Erica vlokii



Erica williamsiorum



Erica xeranthemifolia

[=Acrostemon xeranthemifolius]


Erica zeyheriana

[=Coilostigma zeyherianum]


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