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Plumeria (Frangipani genus)

Life > eukaryotes > Archaeoplastida > Chloroplastida > Charophyta > Streptophytina > Plantae (land plants) > Tracheophyta (vascular plants) > Euphyllophyta > Lignophyta (woody plants) > Spermatophyta (seed plants) > Angiospermae (flowering plants) > Eudicotyledons > Core Eudicots > Asterids > Euasterid I > Order: Gentianales > Family: Apocynaceae > Subfamily: Plumerioideae

There are 7-8 species in the genus Plumeria and they are native to tropical and subtropical America. Three species are cultivated in southern African gardens

Species cultivated in southern Africa

Plumeria alba (White Frangipani, West Indian Jasmine)

Native to the West Indies (Puerto Rico and Lesser Antilles) 


Plumeria obtusa

Native from Florida through to Belize


Plumeria rubra (Common Frangipani, Red Frangipani).

Native from Mexico through to Panama.

Plumeria rubra (Common Frangipani)

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