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Genus: Delosperma

Life > eukaryotes > Archaeoplastida > Chloroplastida > Charophyta > Streptophytina > Plantae (land plants) > Tracheophyta (vascular plants) > Euphyllophyta > Lignophyta (woody plants) > Spermatophyta (seed plants) > Angiospermae (flowering plants) > Eudicotyledons > Core Eudicots > Order: Caryophyllales > Family: Aizoaceae > Subfamily: Ruschioideae > Delosperma group

About 163 species, with 147 species native to South Africa. The remaining species occur in East Africa, Ethiopia, Arabia and the Yemen.

Species native to southern Africa

List from Plants of Southern Africa - an Online Checklist (SANBI), Flora of Zimbabwe and Flora of Mozambique.

Delosperma aberdeenense


Delosperma acocksii


Delosperma acuminatum


Delosperma adelaidense


Delosperma aereum


Delosperma affine


Delosperma algoense


Delosperma aliwalense


Delosperma alpinum

[= Ectotropis alpina]


Delosperma alticola


Delosperma annulare


Delosperma ashtonii


Delosperma basuticum


Delosperma brevipetalum


Delosperma brevisepalum


Delosperma brunnthaleri


Delosperma burtoniae


Delosperma caespitosum


Delosperma calitzdorpense


Delosperma calycinum


Delosperma carolinense


Delosperma carterae


Delosperma clavipes


Delosperma cloeteae


Delosperma concavum


Delosperma congestum


Delosperma cooperi


Delosperma crassuloides


Delosperma crassum


Delosperma cronemeyerianum


Delosperma davyi


Delosperma deilanthoides


Delosperma deleeuwiae


Delosperma denticulatum


Delosperma dunense


Delosperma dyeri


Delosperma echinatum


Delosperma ecklonis


Delosperma erectum


Delosperma esterhuyseniae


Delosperma ficksburgense


Delosperma floribundum


Delosperma framesii


Delosperma fredericii


Delosperma frutescens


Delosperma galpinii


Delosperma gautengense


Delosperma gerstneri


Delosperma giffenii


Delosperma gracile


Delosperma gramineum


Delosperma grantiae


Delosperma gratiae


Delosperma guthriei


Delosperma herbeum


Delosperma hirtum


Delosperma hollandii


Delosperma imbricatum


Delosperma inaequale


Delosperma incomptum


Delosperma inconspicuum


Delosperma intonsum


Delosperma invalidum


Delosperma jansei


Delosperma karrooicum


Delosperma katbergense


Delosperma klinghardtianum


Delosperma knox-daviesii


Delosperma kofleri


Delosperma lavisiae


Delosperma laxipetalum


Delosperma lebomboense


Delosperma leendertziae


Delosperma leightoniae


Delosperma liebenbergii


Delosperma lineare


Delosperma litorale


Delosperma lootsbergense


Delosperma luckhoffii


Delosperma luteum


Delosperma lydenburgense


Delosperma macellum


Delosperma macrostigma


Delosperma mahonii


Delosperma mariae


Delosperma maxwellii


Delosperma monanthemum


Delosperma muirii


Delosperma multiflorum


Delosperma neethlingiae


Delosperma nelii


Delosperma nubigenum


Delosperma obtusum


Delosperma ornatulum


Delosperma pachyrhizum


Delosperma pageanum


Delosperma pallidum


Delosperma parviflorum


Delosperma patersoniae


Delosperma peersii


Delosperma peglerae


Delosperma pilosulum


Delosperma platysepalum


Delosperma pondoense

Delosperma pondoense

Delosperma pottsii


Delosperma prasinum


Delosperma purpureum


Delosperma repens


Delosperma reynoldsii


Delosperma rileyi


Delosperma robustum


Delosperma rogersii


Delosperma roseopurpureum


Delosperma saturatum


Delosperma saxicola


Delosperma scabripes


Delosperma smytheae


Delosperma sphalmanthoides


Delosperma stenandrum


Delosperma steytlerae

Recorded from Zimbabwe. See Flora of Zimbabwe.


Delosperma subclavatum


Delosperma subincanum


Delosperma subpetiolatum


Delosperma sulcatum


Delosperma sutherlandii


Delosperma suttoniae


Delosperma testaceum


Delosperma tradescantioides


Delosperma truteri


Delosperma uitenhagense


Delosperma uncinatum


Delosperma uniflorum


Delosperma vandermerwei


Delosperma velutinum


Delosperma verecundum


Delosperma vernicolor


Delosperma versicolor


Delosperma vinaceum


Delosperma virens


Delosperma vogtsii


Delosperma waterbergense


Delosperma wethamae


Delosperma wilmaniae


Delosperma wiumii


Delosperma zeederbergii


Delosperma zoeae


Delosperma zoutpansbergense



  • Chesselet, P., Burgoyne, P.M., Klak, C., Kurzweil, H., Dold, A.P., Griffin, N.J. and Smith, G.F. 2003. Mesembryanthemaceae. In Germishuizen, G. & Meyer, N.L. (eds), Plants of southern Africa: an annotated checklist. Strelitzia 14: 633-738. National Botanical Institute, Pretoria. 


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