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Jacot Guillarmod, Charles Frédéric (1912-1979)

Entomologist at the Albany Museum from 1958-1979 before which he lived in Lesotho with his wife, Amy, managing a trading station. Studied the taxonomy of thrips (Thysanoptera) and scoliid wasps.





24 Aug 1912


Born on the farm Lambertina, near Clocolan in the Orange Free State. Father came from Switzerland and managed a number of trading stations in Lesotho before moving to the Orange Free State to take up farming.



Family returned to Lesotho and father managed and later bought the trading store at 'Mamathe's.



Started school at Grey College, Bloemfontein, his mother having taught him in his earlier years.



Graduated with B.Sc (cum laude) in Zoology from University of Pretoria.



Graduated with M.Sc (cum laude) in Entomology from University of Pretoria. Thesis was on the systematics of Thysanoptera and he was supervised by J.C. Faure.



Appointed to post in Division of Entomology of the Department of Agriculture and Forestry where he was involved in locust research for two years, working mainly in Zululand and the Upington area.



Appointed assistant professional officer in the Division of Plant Industry to study insect transmission of plant virus diseases.



His father died in November and he moved back to Lesotho to manage the trading store at 'Mamathe's for his mother.



Married Amy Hean, a plant virologist.



Moved to Grahamstown where he took up the position of Professional Officer in Entomology at the Albany Museum. His wife Amy joined the Botany Department of Rhodes University.



Promoted to Senior Professional Officer in the Albany Museum.



Went to U.S.A. for two years, working with J.C. Bradley of Cornell University on scoliid wasps; also met J.D. Hood, the world authority on Thysanoptera, and obtained from him reprints and a reference collection of Thysanoptera.



Appointed acting Director of the Albany Museum and in 1965 was appointed Director.



He and his family moved from the town to the small holding `Faraway` 6 km out of Grahamstown.



Resigned as Director of the Albany Museum and rejoined staff as Assistant Curator of Entomology. Went on field trips with his nephew D.J. Brothers.

22 Sep 1979


Died from a massive coronary attack.


Collected insects extensively in the 'Mamathe's region, assisted by his wife and later by his son Fran‡ois. Kept contact with other entomologists, especially George Arnold in Bulawayo to whom he sent many Hymenoptera. Most of these Hymenoptera specimens are now in the South African Museum. Most of his other specimens are in the Albany Museum, Grahamstown.


The above information was extracted from the obituary in Journal of the Entomological Society of Southern Africa 1980, 43(2): 379–384 (See transcribed version on Albany Museum website).

Text by Hamish Robertson  

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