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S.A.M. Museum Expedition (or Museum Staff)

Field trips mainly by A.J. Hesse, R.F. Lawrence (1920's), C. Thorne, H. Zinn and F.W. Gess (1960's), conducted in the years 1923-1966. [Will try to get more details on the dates of these field trips and who took part in each one.- H.G.R.]


S.W. Africa Museum Expedition

SAM ants: 1923,1925,1926,1933. Members of these expeditions: A.J. Hesse; R.F. Lawrence; C. Thorne. [Will provide a more detailed account of these expeditions.]


Samways, Michael

BMNH ants: (Nelspruit; Plaston; Addo). Professor of Entomology at University of Natal.


Saunders, Edward (1848-1910)

TM leps [Anon, Entomologist's Rec. J. Var. 22: 75-76.


Scheben, ?.

Listed in Bolton (1982) as having collected ants in Namibia.


Scherz, E.

TM ants: 1954 (Sossus Vlei).


Schlechter, Max (Mr)

A collection of Coleoptera (260 examples; 58 species) purchased from M. Schlechter in 1897 by SAM.


Schlechter, R. (Mr)

Donation to SAM: 1897 (arachnids and myriapods collected with L. Mally during a journey in an ox-wagon from Piquetberg to the Orange River).


Schlosz, Michael

SAM ants: 1989 (Paleisheuwel). Amateur lepidopterist.


Schmidt, R.K.

SAM ants: 1992 (Cape Peninsula). Amateur ornithologist.


Schoeman, P.S.

SAM ants: 1993 (Schoemansdal).


Scholtz, C.H.

51 samples in NMB. Professor of Zoology and Entomology at University of Pretoria.


Schönland, Dr. (of Albany Museum).

Donation to SAM: 1897 (scorpions and Peripatus from Graham's Town).


Schubert, S.

SM ants: 1988 (Navachab 67, Namibia).


Schultze, Leonhard Sigismund (1872-1955).

SAM ants and Bolton (1982): 1903 (Namibia and Botswana localities). Biography: G&C pp. 318-319.


Schunke, L.

SAM ants: (Pilgrim's Rest).


Sclater, W.L.

Donation to SAM: 1896 (spider from Frenchhoek); 1897 (arachnids from Wynberg; Houw Hoek; Newlands).


Scott, John K.

SAM ants: 1989 (Silvermine, Cape Peninsula). Worked in South Africa on finding biological control agents for Australian weeds.


Scott, Katherine Marjorie Frances (1913-1998)

Marine biologist and later freshwater biologist who specialised in caddisflies (Trichoptera).


Scott, L.

SAM ants: 1993 (Kuiseb Valley); collected with S. Chown.


Seely, Mary K.

SAM ants: 1988 (Namibian localities). Head of Namib Desert Research Station.


Seethaler, H.

Donations to SAM: 1893 (Catochria catocaloides (Lepidoptera) from Cape Town and also Lepidoptera specimens from Malayan Archipelago; Central America; Colombia; Brazil; India; Gilolo; Malacca; and Philippine Islands).


Selous, Frederick Courtenay (1851-1917)

Donations to SAM: 1894; 1896 (Bulawayo). Biography: Pinhey, E.C.G. 1979. Rhodesia Science News 13(3): 94.


Seydel, Dr Ch.

TM leps


Seyrig, A.



Sheppard, P.



Sheppard, Percy Alexander

TM leps (same person as above ?). Biography: Pinhey, E.C.G. 1979. The Rhodesia Science News 13(4): 114.


Shortridge, Guy Chester

SAM ants: 1902-1905 (Port St Johns; Gordon's Bay). (1880-1949). Biography: DSAB 2: 663-664. Obituary: SAMAB 4: 299-? (1947).


Simon, E.

Donations to SAM: 1893 (Coleoptera from Transvaal; Pretoria). Listed in Bolton (1975,1981,1982) as having collected ants at Makapan, Vrijburg, and Cape Town.


Skaife, Sydney Harold ('Stacey') (1889-1976)

Entomologist who main research interest was social insects; also a school inspector, author, broadcaster, and conservationist. Of his many achievements his greatest was probably his leading role in  the creation of the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve. Lived most of his life in Hout Bay on the Cape Peninsula.


Skaife, Sydney Harold.

SAM ants: 1957 (Tiervlei, Cape Peninsula); TM leps. (1889-1976). Obituary: J. ent. Soc. sth. Afr. (1977) 40: 123-125.


Sledge, Mathew.

SAM ants: 1994 (Dunstable Farm). Postgraduate student at University of the Witwatersrand.


Sloley, R.W.

SAM ants: 1912 (Hobson's Farm, O.F.S.).


Smit, Christiaan Jacobus Burger (1909-1985)

Obituary: J. ent. Soc. sth. Afr. (1986) 49: 178-181.


Snyder,Thomas Elliott (1885-1970)

American termite systematist. Obituary: J. ent. Soc. sth. Afr. (1971) 34: 199-200. Although there is this obituary, it appears that Snyder did not do any collecting in southern Africa.


Son, G.V.

see van Son, G.


Southby, W.P. (Rev.).

Donations to SAM: 1894, 1895 (Prince Albert).


Spandau, Miss.

Donation to SAM: 1894, 1895 (Port St John).


Stephen, A.R.

Listed in Bolton (1982) as having collected ants in southern Africa with E.S. Ross.


Stevenson, R

SAM (= R.H.R ?)


Stevenson, Roy Hew Russel.

TM leps; SAM ants: 1923-1930 (mainly Zimbabwean localities). Biography: Pinhey, E.C.G. 1979. The Zimbabwe Rhodesia Science News 13(7): 165.


Steyn, J. ('Malmier Steyn').

SAM ants: 1947-1949 (Letaba).


Steyn, P.

444 samples in NMB.


Stofberg, F.J.

SAM ants: 1936 (Nelspruit).


Stone, ?.

SAM ants: 1930 (British Bechuanaland).


Strauss, H.

SM ants: 1972 (Weissenfels 22, Windhoek district).


Strey, R.C. 

(from SWA) TM leps; SAM ants: 1950 (Namib Desert). Probably R.G. Strey (see G&C p. 337).


Strydom, A./Strydom, V.

18363 samples in NMB.


Strydom, M.W.

NCI ants: 1971 (De Doorns).


Stuckenberg, Brian R.

NM; SAM ants: 1950-1959 (Drakensberg localities).


Stuckenberg, P.J.

SAM ants: 1959 (Cathedral Peak).


Styles, Christopher V.

SAM ants: 1992 (Northern Tuli Game Reserve, Botswana).


Swale, H.

SAM ants: 1914 (Lonely Mine, Rhodesia); Bolton (1974): Bulawayo.


Swanepoel, David Abraham

56 samples in NMB; TM leps. Obituary: Metamorphosis 2 (1): 5; Rostrum 28: 1 (1991); unpublished tribute by C.B. Cottrell delivered at D.A. Swanepoel's funeral.


Swart, Jonathan

SAM ants: 1991-1994 (Sabie Sand Game Reserve).


Swierstra, C.J.

Appointed at the Transvaal Museum in 1897 as a General Assistant and was Director from 1922 to 1945. Collected butterflies.


Swinburne, John (1861-1939)

Biography: Pinhey, E.C.G. 1979. Rhodesia Science News 13(8): 189.


Swinny, H.H. (1876-1958)

TM leps. Biography: G&C p. 339.


Swynnerton, Charles Francis Massey (1877-1938)

Bolton(1973): collected ants at Chibababa in Mozambique. Biography: Pinhey, E.C.G. 1979. Rhodesia Science News 13(8): 188; G&C p. 339.


Text by Hamish G. Robertson  

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