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Pajor, Istvan

SAM ants: 1988-1991 (Cathedral Peak area).


Palmer, R.

SAM ants: 1990 (Strowen Farm near Grahamstown).


Par‚ Robert Dundonald (1946-1995)

Obituary: Metamorphosis 6(2): 99-100.


Parsons, F.S.

Collected ants at Barberton (Bolton, 1980).


Patterson, ?.

SAM ants: 1913 (Redhouse, C.C.).


Patterson, M.

Listed in Bolton (1982) as having collected ants at Strydenburg.


Pattison, R. (Mr)

Donation to SAM: 1897 (arachnids from Clanwilliam division collected with C.L. Leipoldt).


Paulian, R.

TM ants: 1959 (Sandwich Bay).


Paulus, J.B.

SAM ants: 1911 (Lourenco Marquez).


Paulus, T.B.

SAM ants: 1911 (Lourenco Marquez). Locality and date the same as for J.B. Paulus but labels are clearly printed and definitely some are T.B. Paulus and others J.B. Paulus.


Paynter, J.

Donation to SAM: 1896 (scorpion from Table Mountain); 1897 (arachnids and myriapods from Cape Town and Rondebosch).


Paxton, M.

State Museum ants: 1988 (Namibia).


Pazsous, F.G.

SAM ants: 1936 (Barberton).


Payne, T.

SAM ants: 1971 (Runde Tribal Trustland, Rhodesia).


Pearson, C.

SAM ants: 1946 (Steenberg Mountains, Cape Peninsula).


Pearson, V.

TM leps


Peck, S. & J.

78 samples in NMB.


Peeters, Christian.

SAM ants: (Mkuze Game Reserve and other localities). Works on ant reproductive behaviour at Laboratoire d'Ethologie exp‚rimentale et compar‚e, France.


Pegler, Alice Marguerite (1861-1929)

SAM ants: 1906-1913 (Kentani). Biography: G&C pp. 277-278.


Pennington, Kenneth M.

59 samples in NMB; TM leps. (1897-1974). Obituary: J. ent. Soc. sth Afr. (1974) 37: 421-422.


Penrith, Mary-Louise

SAM ants: 1971 (Omaruru River Mouth).


Penther, ?.

Bolton(1980): collected ants in Bulawayo.


Péringuey, Louis Albert (1855-1924)  

Insect taxonomist (mainly beetles) at the South African Museum from 1884-1924.

Péringuey, 'Master'

SAM ants: 1909 (Cape Town). Son of L.A. Péringuey.


Peters, ?.

Listed in Bolton (1982) as having collected ants at Okahandja.


Pettey, F.W.

TM leps; NCI ants: 1922 (Orchard Siding).


Petty, Basil Kenneth (1906-1982)

Obituary: J. ent. Soc. sth. Afr. (1983) 46: 377.


Petty, G.J.

SAM ants: 1990 (Hluhluwe).


Phelps, R.J.

SAM ants: 1950 (Pietermaritzburg).


Phillips, Edwin Percy (1884-1967)

SAM ants: 1908-1913 (Riversdale; Cape Town; Simonstown). Two series with what appears to be 'L. Phillips' on label, written by G. Arnold (collected from Smithwinkel Bay and Caledon, 1911-1912). Biography: G&C p. 280.


Pieterson, E.

SAM ants: 1988 (near Hoedspruit; Hermansburg).


Pillans, R.

SAM ants: 1898-1900 (Matopos).


Pinhey, Elliot Charles Gordon (1910-1999)

TM leps; SAM ants: 1952-1973 (Kenyan,Zimbabwean and Mozambique localities).


Platt, Ernest Edward

TM leps; Durban N.S.M.; Albany Museum. Lived in Pinetown. Caught and bred butterflies as a hobby. Meticulously set specimens. Profession: printer. (C. Quickleberg info.). Biography: Janse, A.J.T. 1969. Journal of the Lepidopterist's Society 23: 135-136.


Pope, A.

SAM ants: 1969 (Margate; Baines Drift).


Potgieter, J.H.

TM leps; TM ants: 1968 (Oranjekrag; Seweweekspoort).


Potts, R.

SAM ants: 1969 (Scottsville, Pietermaritzburg; Rhino Peak).


Powell, ?.

SAM ants: (Livingstone).


Power, John Hyacinth (1884-1964). ('Brother Power').

SAM; SAM ants: 1912-1922 (Kimberley). Biography: G&C p. 286-287.


Power, R.J.

AM ants: 1946 (Kimberley).


Pratt, J.

TM leps


Prins (née‚ Roux), Amanda.

SAM ants: collected with A.J. Prins. Wife of A.J. Prins. Technician in Entomology Department of South African Museum from 1987 to 1989.


Prins, André‚ J.

SAM ants: 1959-1988 (Mainly localities in Cape Province). Husband of A. Prins. Worked initially for PPRI then worked at the South African Museum from 1971 to 1989. Now retired to Veldrif.


Prinsloo, A.

NCI ants: 1973 (Mopane).


Prinsloo, Gerhard L.

Head of Biosystematics Division, PPRI.


Prismall, Mrs (=sister of Mrs Janse).

TM leps


Purcell, William Frederick (1866-1919)

SAM; SAM ants: 1896-1905 (Sir Lowries Pass; Touws River). Biography: pamphlet entitled 'W.F. Purcell' privately published by Anna Purcell and with articles by F.S. Malan, R.F. Lawrence, H.M.L. Bolus, E.B. Fuller, and C.L. Leipoldt; G&C p. 288.


Pusch, M.

SM ants: 1991 (Waterberg Plateau Park, Namibia; Hereroland West).


Pym, C?.

SAM ants: 1913 (Melsetter); AM ants: 1896 (Cradock). Are these ants collected by the same person?


Pynn?, F.

AM ants: 1915 (Daberas and Keetmanshoop).


Text by Hamish G. Robertson  

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