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Mackie, A.

Listed in Bolton (1975, 1981) as having collected ants in Van Rhyn's Pass; Doorn River; Montagu Pass; and Morebank.


Macpherson, M.A.

See Cochrane, Margaret A.


Majer, Jonathan D.

SAM ants: 1991 (north of Richards Bay). Lecturuer at Curtin University, Perth, Australia.


Malkin, B.

Listed in Bolton (1975) as having collected ants in Knysna and Oudtshoorn.


Malley, L.

Donation to SAM: 1897 (arachnids and myriapods collected with R. Schlechter during a journey in an ox-wagon from Piquetberg to the Orange River). SAM ants: 1897 (Clanwilliam).


Mally, Charles William (1872-1953).

Biography: G&C p. 243.


Mamre Mission Station.

Donation to SAM: 1896 (spiders).


Mann, G. (Mr)

Collected insects from high altitudes in the Drakensberg which were donated to the South African Museum by Marloth in 1897.


Mansell, Mervyn W.

Scientist who worked on Diptera and Neuroptera in Biosystematics Division, PPRI.


Marais, Eugene.

SM. Was Head of Entomology Centre, National Museum of Namibia, Windhoek.


Marais, B.

Collected ants from Gwanga Drift, Peddie (Bolton, 1980).


Marks, L. (Rev.)

Donation to SAM: 1897 (Arachnids from the Mission Station at Gutverwacht in the Division of Piquetberg).


Marley, H.W.B.

see Bell Marley, H.W.


Marloth, Dr.

Donations to SAM: 1897 ("Dr Marloth has presented several species captured by Mr G. Mann on high altitudes, 8,000 and 10,000 feet respectively, on the Drakensberg Range." He also donated some scorpions from German South West Africa and Matroosberg.).


Marsh, Alan C.

SAM ants: 1982 (Namib Desert).


Marshall, Guy Anstruther Knox (1871-1959)

Donations to SAM: 1893 (insects, chiefly Coleoptera from Salisbury; Frere, Natal; Transvaal); 1894, 1895 (Salisbury); 1896 (English beetles); 1897. SAM ants: 1893-1900 (Frere, Natal; Salisbury). Some of labels have 'A. Marshall' but as localities are identifical to labels with G.A.K. Marshall, assumed to be same person. Biography: Pinhey, E.C.G. 1978. Rhodesia Science News 12(9): 225; G&C p. 245. SAM Annual Report for year 1893: "A notable feature in Mr Marshall's specimens is the admirable manner in which - down to the most minute - they are set out and mounted". In 1893 was living in Salisbury (SAM Annual Report).


Mathews, R.

SAM ants ex PPRI: 1962 (nr Olifants River mouth).


Maufe (Manfe?), C.R.D. (or C & D).

SAM ants: 1913 (Hartley, Southern Rhodesia).


McAlister, D.G.

SAM ants: 1950 (Mossdale, Volksrust district).


McKay, Ian.

SAM ants: 1987 (Orapa, Botswana). Was tick and mite systematist at Veterinary Research Institute.


McLaren, F.

See Impson, Fiona.


Meiring, Isaac (Mr).

Donation to SAM: 1897 ("...several perfect nests of our large trap-door spider (Stasimopus caffer)."). In 1897 was living in Worcester.


Melle, J.G. (J.C.?)

SAM ants: 1919 (Potgietersrust).


Melle, G.M. (or Melle, M. or Dr Melle)

SAM ants: 1915-1916 (Arcturus, Salisbury).


Merve, C.P.

SAM ants: 1916-1918 (Durban; Bethlehem, O.F.S.). = C.P. van der Merwe (q.v.)?


Meyer, G.

TM leps. A Rev. G. Meyer is mentioned in G&C p. 251.


Meyrick, Edward.

TM leps. Obituary: J. Ent. Soc. sth Afr. (1939) 1: 151-155.


Michaelsen, W.

Listed in Bolton (1974, 1982) as having collected ants at various Namibian localities in 1911.


Middleton, D.S.

SAM ants: 1970 (World's View, Pietermaritzburg).


Millar, Alfred Duchesne (1858-1911)

Lawyer and amateur naturalist associated with Durban Natural Science Museum


Millar, Harold Martel (?-1961)

TM leps; Durban NSM. 'No fixed job - sold preserved animals to Durban Museum. Painted natural history subjects mainly birds.' (C. Quickelberg info.).


Millar, Ian M.

Works on Hemiptera in the Biosystematics Division, PPRI.


Millar, N.

SAM ants: 1905 (Cape Town).


Milne, Lindsey (1932-2001)

South African entomologist who was an expert on subtropical fruits. See obituary in Rostrum 57: 4 (August 2001).


Milstein, P.

SAM ants ex PPRI: 1966 (Kalahari Gemsbok National Park).


Mitton, Norman Philip.

TM leps. Biography: Pinhey, E.C.G. 1978. The Rhodesia Science News 12(11): 283.


Moolman, C.G.E.

NCI ants: 1975-1984 (Rustenburg; Groblershoop).


Morris, P.W.

AM ants: 1910 (Victoria West).


Morrison, C.W. (Mr)

Donations to SAM: 1893 (butterflies).


Morton, J.

SAM ants: 1913 (Eloff).


Mosala, J.

140 samples in NMB. NMB ants: 1981 (De Kalk; co-collector with Louw and Gaaje).


Muir, F.

Listed in Bolton (1974) as having collected ants at Delagoa Bay and Durban.


Muir, John (1874-1947)

SAM ants: 1932 (Riversdale coast). Biography: G&C p. 256.


Müller, A.

Listed in Bolton (1974) as having collected ants in Mozambique in 1890 with Liengme.


Munro, Hugh Kenneth (Ken) (1894-1973)

NCI; TM leps. Biography: J. Ent. Soc. sth Afr. (1974) 37: ix-xiv; G&C p. 257.


Museum Staff.

See S.A.M. Museum Expedition.


Myers, N.J.

SAM ants: 1955 (Sundays River Valley).


Text by Hamish G. Robertson  

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