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Kamburov, S.

SAM ants: 1995 (Letsetele).


Kannemeyer, Daniel Rossouw (1843-1925)

SAM ants: 1908-1910 (Smithfield, O.R.C.). Biography: DSAB 2: 356-358.


Kansky, Ruth.

SAM ants: 1988 (Howison's Poort, nr Grahamstown). Entomology student at Rhodes University from 1985-1988.


Karny, ?.

SAM ants ex PPRI: 1966-1968 (Edenvale; Dendron; near Pongola).


Keeping, Malcolm.

SAM ants: 1988-1992 (Johannesburg; Durban). Lecturer at University of Durban Westville.


Kennedy, A.

SAM ants: 1970 (World's View, Pietermaritzburg).


Kenway, H.C.

Durban N.S.M. 'He operated during the 1920's, mainly in the Transvaal (north-eastern) - had a butterfly named after him ®MDUL¯Charaxes xiphares kenwayi®MDNM¯ Poulton and his butterfly specimens occur liberally in our Durban N.S. Museum collections.' (C. Quickleberg info.).


Kettlewell, H.B.

BMNH ants: 1950 (Upington). Skaife (1963) p. 192 mentions Kettlewell's visit to South Africa: 'Among the many interesting personalities who have visited "Tierbos" [Skaife's property in Hout Bay] Dr. H.B. Kettlewell must me mentioned. A medical man with a great love for entomology, he gave up practice many years ago and took a research post at Oxford University. He has made a name for himself by his researches on melanism among moths in Britain... Kettlewell came to South Africa a few years ago and carried out some work with radio-active isotopes at the University of Cape Town...[mentions how ants attacked the grasshoppers he was working with].'


Key, K.H.L. 

He studied grasshoppers in the Cape Peninsula during 1929, the findings of which were published (see under Acanthacris ruficornis). There are ants in the S.A. Museum collected by him in 1930 from St James, Cape Peninsula. He later became an expert on stick insects and is (was?) based at the Division of Entomology, CSIRO, Australia.


Kfir, R.

SAM ants: 1989 (Cedara).


King, G.B.

Listed in Bolton (1975, 1981) as having collected ants at the Cape of Good Hope and in Natal.


Kinges, Heinrich (1912- )

(SWA) TM leps. Biography: G&C p. 207.


Kinsman, F.J.

SAM ants ex PPRI: (Worcester).


Kirby, H.

Collected ants from near Pietermaritzburg (Bolton, 1980).


Kistner, Alzada Carlisle.

Kistner collects mainly staphylinid beetles but has also collected many ants and termites because many of the staphylinids he studies live in their nests. See his book: Kistner, A.C. c1998. An affair with Africa : expeditions and adventures across a continent. Island Press, Washington, D.C., 246 pages. ISBN 1559635312.   BMNH ants: 1970 (near Steinkopf).


Kitshoff, H.S.

SAM ants ex PPRI: 1965 (Cape Town).


Kleinjan, C.A.

SAM ants: 1988-1989 (Milnerton; Kaimansrivier estuary).


Knight, B.

Collected ants in Mashonaland (Bolton, 1980).


Knobel, ?.

SAM ants: 1920 (Gobabis).


Kobrow, G.

TM leps


Koch, Dr C.

TM leps; SAM ants: 1951 (Kendrew; Samengeigei). Biography: Standard Encyclopaedia of Southern Africa Vol. 6: 425-426; G&C p. 208.


Kochig, E.

SAM ants: 1920-1922 (Tsumeb).


Kok, C.

SAM ants: 1978-1979 (Swakopmund; Hentiesbaai; George).


Kolbe, Friedrich Carl (Rev. Dr) (1854-1936)

Donations to SAM: 1894 (Bechuanaland; Central Africa); 1896 (Transkei); 1897 ("The Rev. F.C. Kolbe, availing himself of the opening of the Bulawayo Railway, arrived there just in time to witness the bursting into life of insects after the first summer rains...". Also collected arachnids from Barberton.). SAM ants: 1897 (Bulawayo); 1901 (Kentani). Biography: G&C pp. 208-209. (*)


Kolbe, F. (Dr.)

Donations to SAM: 1896 (Transkei).


Kroeger, F.J.

SAM ants: (Maboki, Lydenburg).


Text by Hamish Robertson  

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