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Hall, W.J.

SAM ants: 1929 (Mazoe, Southern Rhodesia).


Hammond, P.

Listed in Bolton (1981, 1982) as having collected ants in Okahanja and some Angolan localities.


Hanel, C.

SAM ants: 1990 (Grahamstown). 1990: student at Rhodes University.


Hardenberg, C.B.

TM leps


Harford, Colonel Henry Charles (1850-1937)

'Great numbers of his insects were donated to the Durban N.S. Museum mainly collected while stationed in Malta, Switzerland and India. Profession: army (C. Quickelberg info.). Died in England in 1937.


Hargreaves, L. TM leps



Harington, J. Albany Museum ants: 1947 (Grahamstown).



Harrison, James du Guesclin

Entomologist at the Transvaal Museum, Northern Flagship Institution, Pretoria. See biographical details and photo. Coleoptera in Transvaal Museum. Donations to SA Museum, National Collection of Insects, University of Pretoria, National Museum Bloemfontein and National Museum of Namibia.


Harrison, J.R.

Donation to SAM: 1894 (Barberton).


Hart, A.

SAM ants: 1987 (Esigodini, Zimbabwe). Was a student at University of the Witwatersrand.


Hartwig, E.K.

SAM ants: 1944-1985 (Pretoria, Comores).


Hassard, C.

Albany Museum ants: 1915 (Carnarvon).


Haugarth, W.

SAM ants: 1913 (Durban).


Haviland, A.E. (Mr).

Donations to SAM: 1894, 1895, 1896, 1897 (Estcourt). SAM ants: 1889-1899 (Slievyre; Estcourt; Durban; Basutoland; Natal at various elevations). There is one record of a G. Haviland - is this a mistake on the part of G Arnold who wrote the label or is it another Haviland?


Hawkes, Peter

SAM ants: 1989-1991 (various localities). Post-graduate student at University of the Witwatersrand.


Haygarth, Walter Jacques (1862-1950)

SAM ants: 1912 (Durban). Note: G&C p. 181. (*)


Hean, A.F.M.G.

See Jacot Guillarmod, Amy.


Heath, Alan.

SAM ants: 1987-1995 (various localities). Amateur lepidopterist working mainly on lycaenid butterflies.


Helmeringh, W.

BMNH ants: 1972 (Barby Farm, Namibia).


Henschel, J.R.

Arachnologist who has worked mainly from Gobabeb.


Hepburn, J.

SAM ants: 1915 (Southwell, W. Cape; Majuba Nek).


Herholdt, K.

304 samples in NMB.


Hesse, Albert John (1895-1987).

Resident entomologist at the South African Museum from 1924-1974. Expert on bee flies (Bombyliidae) and mydid flies. 

Hewitt, C. & D.

SAM ants: 1913 (Port Alfred; Lower Albany).


Hewitt, John (1880 - 1961)

Previous director of the Albany Museum. Studied arachnids. See obituaries and publications (Albany Museum website).


Hobohm, G.

SM; TM leps; SAM ants: 1944 (Otjiwarongo).


Hoenson, Elizabeth.

Marine biology Collections Manager, Iziko SA Museum.


Holden, S.

SAM ants ex PPRI: 1959 (Wynberg, Cape Peninsula).


Holm, Eric. 



Holub, Emil (Dr).

Donations to SAM: 1893 (Cicindelidae, Carabidae, and Curculionidae collected during his last journeys in South Africa. Specimens labelled Transvaal). Biography: DSAB 1: 390-392.


Honiball, F.

SAM ants ex PPRI: 1959-1963 (various localities).


Horak, I. and Horak, J.A.E.

6359 samples in NMB.


Hunt, A.E. (Mr).

Donations to SAM: 1893 (insects from D'urban [= Durban]; Newcastle). In 1893 living in Newcastle, Natal (SAM Annual Report). Died in 1894? (inferred from SAM Annual Report).


Hunt, J. Wesley (Rev.)

Published papers on cerambycid beetles in Durban Museum Novitates from 1955-1957, at which time he was based in Richmond, Natal. Lepidoptera in Transvaal Museum. 


Hutchinson, J.M. (Mr)

Donations to SAM: 1893 (Lepidoptera from Estcourt; Ulundi; Drakensberg; Tugela R. (Weenen); Karkloof); 1894 (Estcourt). Recorded by Bolton (1974) as having collected ants in Weenen district and Estcourt (1890). In 1893 living in Estcourt, Natal (SAM Annual Report).


Text by Hamish Robertson  

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