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D'Hotman, D.

51 samples in NMB


Daintree, A.C.

TM leps


Daly, A.

Albany Museum ants: 1917 (Venterstad).


Daly, H.V.

Listed in Bolton (1982) as having collected ants in Barrydale.


Dames, G.J. and Dames, K.

121 samples in NMB: members of the public, Bloemfontein.


Darling, J. ffolliott (Mr).

Donation to SAM: 1894, 1895 (Mazoe, Mashonaland); 1897 (Enkeldoorn, Mashonaland).


Davies, S.J.

SAM ants: 1991 (Mkuze Game Reserve). Zoology Honours student at University of the Witwatersrand in 1991.


Davis, A.L./Davis, D.

63 samples in NMB


Day, M.C.

Ants in Natural History Museum, London collected in 1972 from Solitude [where's that?].


de Beer, Miss D.

TM leps


de Beer, T.

TM ants: 1971 (Koppie Alleen, nr Alma).


de Coster, J.

SAM ants: 1889 (Delagoa Bay; Amatonga, Luna).


de Jager, M.

153 samples in NMB.


de Kock, Annecke.

SAM ants: 1991 (north of Richards Bay). Currently works for Cape Nature Conservation.


de Lange, H.C.

NCI ants: 1973 (Middelburg).


De Lotto, Giovanni (1912-1990).

Last affiliation National Collection of Insects , PPRI, Pretoria, South Africa. Studies on scale insects, 1930-1950 in Eritrea; 1950-1963 in Kenya; 1963-1979 in South Africa. Biography and list of publication in: Ben-Dov, Y. & A. Russo (1993). Giovanni De Lotto (1912-1990). Bolletino de Laboratorio di Entomologia Agraria 'Filippo Silvestri' 48: 245-252. (information kindly supplied by Yair Ben-Dov)


de Meillon, B. (1902-2000)

Medical entomologist. see Coetzee, M. 2001. Botha de Meillon 1902-2000. African Entomology 9: 95-96.


de Moor, Ferdie.

Worked at the Zimbabwe Natural History Museum from 1972-1977 where he worked on meloid beetles (Coleoptera: Meloidae). Has worked at the Albany Museum from 1984 to present and is currently a Senior Specialist Scientist in the Department of Freshwater Invertebrates . He specialises in the biosystematics of aquatic insects, particularly Trichoptera and blackflies (Diptera: Simuliidae). He has collected in Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Namibia. 


de Saeger, H.

77 samples in NMB


de Souza, J.

Donation to SAM: 1893 (insects from Hilton Road, Natal; Natal).


de Swardt, D.H.

554 samples in NMB; SAM ants: 1989-1992 (Lydenburg; Gustav Klingbiel Nature Reserve; Sterkspruit). Current Ornithologist at National Museum, Bloemfontein.


de Villiers, E.

SAM ants ex PPRI: 1981 (Messina).


de Waal, S.

139 samples in NMB.


de Weerdt, A.

SAM ants ex PPRI: 1960-1963 (various South African localities).


de Weerdt, P. 

SAM ants ex PPRI: 1960 (Steynsburg).


de Wet, A./De Wet, L.

50 samples in NMB.


de Wet, J.I.

SAM ants: 1992 (Perdekop, Buffelspoort).


Dean, W.R.J.

SAM ants: 1987-1990 (Tierberg and other karoo localities).


Decelle, Jean.

Was head of Entomology at Tervuren Museum. Collected mainly in Zaire and Cote de Ivoire (R. Jocqué pers comm.).


Deckert, J.

Coleoptera in Museum für Naturkunde Berlin collected in South Africa in 1993/1995 (Uhlig & Jaeger, 1995)


Dickman, Christopher R.

SAM ants: 1992 (Namibian localities). Works at University of Sydney, Australia.


Dickson, Charles Gordon Cambell (1907-1991)

Well known amateur lepidopterist who published a number of books on butterflies.


Dieterlin (ne‚ Busch), Anna (1859-1945).

SAM ants: (Likhoele, Lesotho). Biography: G&C p.131. (*)


Distant, William Lucas (1845-1922).

Biography: DSAB 2: 198-199.


Dodds, D.

SAM; SAM ants: 1901-1915 (Sebakwe, Salisbury).


Dollman, H.

Bolton(1980): collected ants at Mwengwa (Zimbabwe).


Donaldson, John

Scientist at the National Botanical Institute, Kirstenbosch.


Donnelly, D.

SAM ants: 1987-1990 (Stellenbosch). Worked on the biological control of weeds for the PPRI, Stellenbosch.


Douglas, R.

SAM ants: 1992 (Naval Hill, Bloemfontein). Works in Department of Herpetology at National Museum, Bloemfontein.


Dowsett, ?.

SAM ants: 1984 (Sedgefield).


Drege, Johann Fran(t)z (1794-1881).

Botanical collector, traveller and horticulturalist. 


Drege, Isaac Louis (1853-1921)

Donations to SAM: 1897 (arachnids from Cabeljouw near Port Elizabeth). SAM ants: 1899 (Port Elizabeth). Biography: G&C p. 137. (*) In 1897 was living in Port Elizabeth (SAM Annual Report).


Dreyer, A./Dreyer, C.

1116 samples in NMB. Former director of NMB, now dead.


Drury, J.

SAM ants: 1905-1906 (Salisbury; Kafue River).


Dummer, Richard Arnold (1887-1922).

SAM. Biography: G&C pp. 140-141.


Duncan, Frances

SAM ants: 1991-1993 (various localities).


Du Pisani, E. (Etienne).

154 samples in NMB. Previous staff member at NMB


Du Plessis, Charl ("Dups") (1897-1978)

Locust control expert.


du Plessis (ne‚ Vorster), M.J.

SAM ants: 1989-1991 (Potchefstroom, Thabazimbi).


Dürr, Herwil J.R. (1921- ).

See brief account of his life in Rostrum 57: 2 (August 2001).


du Toit, Alexander Logie (1878-1948)

SAM ants: 1908 (Carnarvon). Biography: G&C pp. 142-143. (*).


du Toit, J.

SAM ants: 1953 (Outiep, Gaties, Namaqualand).


Dyke, A.

SAM ants: (Barbeton).



Text by Hamish G. Robertson

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