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Caldwell, Patricia

South African Museum ants: 1989-1993 (Natal localities). Works at the PPRI, Cedara.


Callar, E.M.C.

Ants in South African Museum, collected 1953 (Kasouga, nr Port Alfred).


Capell, R.

70 samples in National Museum, Bloemfontein.


Capener, A.L.

TM leps, South African Museum ants: 1947 (Elandshoek, Rustenburg).


Car-Smithers, ?.

South African Museum ants: 1953 (Sundays River Valley).


Carliell, Felicity. 

South African Museum ants: 1993 (Pietermaritzburg). Was a student at University of Natal.


Carnegie, A.J.M.

South African Museum ants: Marshall Dam (1976).


Carpenter, A.L.

Listed in Bolton (1974) as having collected ants in Pretoria.


Casset, Fr.

Insects in South African Museum.


Castley, Guy.

South African Museum ants: 1991 (Alexandria dunefield). In 1991 was an M.Sc student in the Zoology Department at University of Port Elizabeth.


Chadwick, P.

South African Museum ants: 1989 (Yzerfontein).


Chambers, B.

South African Museum ants: 1991 (Ukilinga Research Farm). In 1991 was a student in the Department of Zoology and Entomology at University of Natal.


Chesler, Julia.

From December 1934 to January 1936, while based at the Department of Zoology, University of the Witwatersrand, she studied the biology of some species of grasshoppers, the results of which were published (see under Acanthacris ruficornis). At the time of publication she had an M.Sc.


Chown, Stephen

Was Professor in Zoology and Entomology Department, University of Pretoria. Now Director of the DST-NRF Centre of Excellence for Invasion Biology at Stellenbosch University.


Cillie, J.J.

South African Museum ants ex PPRI: 1960-1969 (various localities in South Africa).


Cilliers, Carina.

Works at the Plant Protection Research Institute in Pretoria on the biological control of weeds. In the course of this work she has collected insects widely most of which are deposited in the National Collection of Insects in Pretoria.


Clark, E.L.

Lepidoptera in Transvaal Museum. 


Clark, Gowan Coningsby (1888-1964).

Amateur lepidopterist. Best known for his paintings of the life histories of South African butterflies.


Cleverly, John James 

South African Museum ants: 1891 (Walfish Bay). Biography: G&C p. 119. (*).


Coates, Thomas James Dagless (1920-1972)

Worked on citrus, studied the taxonomy of Collembola, and studied the biology of mites. Mainly worked in the Plant Protection Research Institute but in last couple of years was at the South African Museum.


Coaton, William Geoffrey Harrower  (1911-1983)

Studied the taxonomy and distribution of termites at the Plant Protection Research Institute.


Cochrane, M.A. (née‚ Macpherson) (1950 - )

Collections Manager of Entomology Collections at South African Museum, 7 June 1982 till present.

Cockerell, T.D.A. BMNH ants: 1931 (Graaff Reinet, Calvinia)

Bolton(1973): collected ants from Amanzimtoti and Wonderboom.



Insects in South African Museum


Coetzee, J.H.

South African Museum ants: 1979 (Pretoria).


Coetzer, Willem

South African Museum ants: 1993 (Grahamstown). Student at Rhodes University in 1993. Then was a post-graduate student at University of Cape Town working on biological control of weeds.


Coghill, D.

South African Museum ants: (Bindura, Rhodesia).


Collins, Miss M.

TM leps. G&C p. 121: She was assistant to Mrs Leendertz Pott at the Transvaal Museum Herbarium.


Collins, V.H.

Lepidoptera in Transvaal Museum. 


Comins, Derek Mervyn (1929- ).

South African Museum ants: 1966 (Cathcart). Biography: G&C p. 121.


Compton, Stephen G. 

Was a lecturer in Entomology at Rhodes University. Now lecturing at Leeds University. Main research areas: insect-plant interactions and fig wasps.


Connan, P.

Donation to South African Museum: 1895 (Kenhardt, Cape Colony).


Connoly, ?.

South African Museum ants: 1910 (Victoria Falls).


Cookson, David Montague.

Son of H. Cookson. TM leps. Biography: Pinhey, E.C.G. 1978. Rhodesia Science News 12(3): 86.


Cookson, Harold (1876-1969).

Farmer and amateur butterfly and moth collector. Lived in Muden, Natal and then in the Vumba Mountains in what was then Rhodesia.


Coombs, C.

Lepidoptera in Transvaal Museum. 


Cooper, C.B.

South African Museum ants: 1913-1914 (Durban; Krantz Kloof).


Copet?, S.

South African Museum ants: 1986 (Vernon Crookes Nature Reserve).


Copley, R.B.

Lepidoptera in Transvaal Museum.


Corstorphine, Professor.

Donation to South African Museum: 1896 (Scorpion from Cape Town).


Cottrell, ?.

South African Museum ants: 1956-1957 (Grahamstown).


Cottrell, C.B.



Cox, Bevan Charles (1878-1946) and Cox, Nora.

Biography: Pinhey, E.C.G. 1978. Rhodesia Science News 12(3): 86.


Crass, R.S.

Did extensive collecting of mayflies (Ephemeroptera) in Natal and the Eastern Cape in the 1940's, with descriptions and illustrations of many new species. Most of his work was on freshwater fish, but he made a very valuable contribution to knowledge on Ephemeroptera. [information supplied by H. Barber-James]


Crawshay, R.

South African Museum ants: 1902 (Mafeteng, Lesotho).


Cregoe, J.P.

Donations to South African Museum: 1895 (Johanneburg; Cape Town); 1896 (Durban; Pinetown); 1897 (Barberton; Port Elizabeth; Natal). SAM; BMNH ants: 1896-1903 (Zoutpansberg; farm Harde Vlakte on Tsipise Road).


Crewe, R.M. 

Was Professor of Zoology at University of the Witwatersrand, then became Dean of Science at University of Pretoria, and now Vice-Principal: Research & Postgraduate studies at the University of Pretoria. Research focuses on social insects. See biographical profile (Univ. Pretoria).


Cronwright-Schreiner, Samuel Cron (1863-1936)

Farmer, husband of Olive Schreiner, occasional collector of insects and arachnids.


Crosskey, Roger and Peggy

Collected blackflies in South Africa, c 2000. See article by Rob Palmer in Rostrum 54: 1. They collected blackflies from Debengeni Falls, Tzaneen.


Cruden, Frank

Albany Museum ants: 1914 (Alicedale). G&C p. 125: Was master at Grey College, Port Elizabeth.


Curson, H.H. 

Bolton(1973): collected ants at Nagana Research Lab., Zululand.


Curtis, Barbara A.

South African Museum ants: 1988-1993 (Ugab River; Etendeka Mountain Camp, Damaraland). Did M.Sc at Gobabeb in the Namib Desert on the dune ant Camponotus detritus. Currently operating a joint venture with husband running Etendeka Mountain Camp for tourists.


Cuthbertson, Alexander (1901-1942).

Studied the biology and systematics of flies and worked for the Department of Agriculture in what was then Southern Rhodesia.


Cuthbertson, M.

South African Museum ants: 1945 (Beira).












Text by Hamish G. Robertson


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