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Bachmann, ?. 

Collected Coleoptera (beetles) in 1903 (specimens in Museum für Naturkunde Berlin). See Uhlig & Jaeger (1995)


Badham, Russel. 

Collected Lepidoptera (specimens in Transvaal Museum).


Bahlmann, E.E.

Collected ants from Simonstown in 1958 (specimens in Iziko SA Museum, originally from PPRI).


Bain, J.M. 

Collected ants from Moorreesburg, Vryburg district and Morokweng from 1907-1908 (specimens in Iziko SA Museum)


Bain, T.M. 

Collected insects (specimens in Iziko SA Museum).


Baines, Miss G.

Collected ants from Grahamstown in 1914 (specimens in Iziko SA Museum).


Balinsky, Boris Ivan (1905 - 1997)

Professor of Zoology at the University of the Witwatersrand who studied dragonflies. 


Barber, F.W.

Donation insects to the SA Museum in 1894 (from Johannesburg).


Barber, Helen M.

Assistant curator of freshwater invertebrates at the Albany Museum, specialising in mayflies (Ephemeroptera). Has also collected in Zimbabwe and Zambia, as well as the South Atlantic Islands (Marion and Inaccessible).


Barber, Mary E. (born Bowker)

Naturalist and artist. Donated insect specimens to museums.


Barbosa, A.J. 

Collected Lepidoptera. specimens housed in Transvaal Museum.


Barker, C.N.

Collected insects for the SA Museum and worked at Durban Natural Sciences Museum.


Barker, Miss. 

Donated insect specimens to the SA Museum. For instance, a specimen of Hippobosca struthionis from Kowie (Port Alfred), donated in 1894.


Barlow, H.

Collected Lepidoptera (specimens housed in Transvaal Museum).


Barnard, Keppel Harcourt (1887-1964)

Marine Biologist at S.A. Museum, mountaineer. Also revised a number of insect groups, mainly freshwater insects.

Barnes, Bertram Durrell (1888-1969) 

Amateur lepidopterist in Southern Rhodesia.


Barnes, J.A. 

Collected Lepidoptera (specimens housed in the Transvaal Museum).


Bartels, ?. 

Collected Coleoptera (beetles) in South Africa. Specimens in Museum für Naturkunde Berlin (Uhlig & Jaeger, 1995)


Baum, Jiri (1900-1943) 

Curator of birds and arachnids at the National Museum, Prague, Czechoslovakia. Visited South Africa.


Baur, R.

Donation spiders to the S.A. Museum in 1896.


Bayer, Chr. 

Coleoptera in Museum für Naturkunde Berlin collected in S. Afr. 1989/1992 (Uhlig & Jaeger, 1995)


Bayne, L. 

See Lockie-Bayne, L. Collected ants from Hermanus in 1917 (specimens in Iziko SA Museum).


Beard, H.  

Donated arachnids, collected in the Cape, to the SA Museum from 1896 - 1897. 


Beatrice, ?. 

Collected ants from Plumstead (Cape Town) in 1952 (specimens in Iziko SA Museum).


Bedford, E.C.G. 

South African entomologist. Presumably most of specimens are in the Plant Protection Research Institute (PPRI), Pretoria [check]. Some Lepidoptera specimens are housed in the Transvaal Museum.


Bedford, G.A.H. (1891-1938)

Studied vertebrate parasites (e.g. mites, ticks & lice) at Onderstepoort.


Bedford, H.W.

Collected in South Africa (Gauteng) and Sudan from 1912-1927 [bombyliid type(s) in The Natural History Museum, London - information supplied by N. Evenhuis].


Bell Marley, F.B. 

Presumably related to H. Bell Marley. Three ant accessions in S.A. Museum with 'F.B. Marley' from Durban.


Bell-Marley, Harold Walter (1872/3-c1945)

Fisheries Officer in Natal but also enthusiastic insect collector.


Ben-Dov, Yair (1934- )  

Scale insect systematist. Studied and collected scale insects in South Africa during the period 1972-1977, at PPRI, Pretoria.

Bennett, Peter Bernard (1946-1987) 

Agricultural entomologist, mainly cotton.


Benthall, O.A. (Rev.)

Donation to S.A. Museum: 1893 (butterflies from Cape Town).


Bergius, ? 

Coleoptera in Museum für Naturkunde Berlin collected in South Africa (Uhlig & Jaeger, 1995)


Berthoud, M.

Recorded in publication by Bolton (1973) as having collected ants from Valdezia, Transvaal.


Beste, ?. 

Coleoptera in Museum für Naturkunde Berlin collected in South Africa (Uhlig & Jaeger, 1995)


Bethune, S. 

Specimens housed in National Museum of Namibia.


Betton, C Stewart.

Collected in Kenya and Uganda at least from 1896-1902 [bombyliid type(s) in The Natural History Museum, London - information supplied by N. Evenhuis].


Beveridge, J.E. 

Ants in S.A. Museum (originally from PPRI) collected in 1964 from Windhoek airfield.


Bevins, W.

BMNH ants: 1906 (Table Mountain).


Bevis, A.L. (1897-1984)

Worked at Durban Science Museum. Bombyliid type(s) he was responsible for collecting came from Lesotho, South Africa (Eastern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal) and Zimbabwe and are housed in the South African Museum (information supplied by N. Evenhuis).


Beyers, F. 

Ants in S.A. Museum collected in 1925 from De Aar.


Bigalke, Dr. 

Ants in S.A. Museum collected in 1963 from Bronkhorstspruit.


Biggs, R.C.

Ants in Transvaal Museum collected in 1969 from Okaukuejo.


Blomefield, T.

Ants in S.A. Museum collected 1969-1970 from Pietermaritzburg and Bulwer.


Bodong, A. 

Ants in S.A. Museum collected in 1903 from Umtali.


Bolus, ?. 

Donation to S.A. Museum: 1897 (scorpions from high altitudes).


Bond, William (Professor)

Professor of Botany at University of Cape Town; collected some ants. Ants in S.A. Museum collected in 1981 from Saasveld near George.


Boonzaaier, A.A.

Ants in S.A. Museum (orginally in PPRI) collected from 1959-1969.


Bornman, C.H. 

Ants in S.A. Museum collected in 1976 from Welwitschia vlakte. Was in Department of Entomology, University of Pretoria.


Bottomley, H. (Mr) 

Donations to SAM: 1896.


Bowker, James Henry (1822-1900) 

Farmer, soldier, public servant and naturalist. Collected butterflies.


Bowker, M.E. See Barber, M.E.



Boyce, D.R.

Ants in S.A. Museum collected in 1914 from Pietermaritzburg.


Braack, L.E.O.

Scientist in Kruger National Park; Ants in S.A. Museum collected 1984-1994 from there.


Brain, Charles Kimberlin, (1886-1954) 

Collected and studied scale insects in South Africa from 1912-1924. List of publication available in Scalenet (thanks to Yair Ben-Dov for the information). Ants in S.A. Museum collected in 1915 from Pretoria.


Branch, George Thomas (1872-1945)

See Pinhey, E.C.G. 1977. Rhodesia Science News 11(9): 234.


Brand, John M.

Professor of Biochemistry at University of Fort Hare. Works on chemistry of glands in ants. Ants in S.A. Museum collected 1989-1992 from Fort Hare.


Brauns, Hans Heinrich Justus Carl Ernst.  

Medical doctor who emigrated to South Africa from Germany and spent many years collecting mainly Hymenoptera in and around Hoopstad (O.F.S.) and Willowmore.


Bray, M.

SAM ants: 1969 (Tanganda House, Umtali).


Breijer, Dr H.G.

TM leps. Worked at the Transvaal Museum. Collected butterflies. Biography: G&C pp. 102-103.


Bremer, H.J. 

Coleoptera in Museum für Naturkunde Berlin collected in South Africa in 1992/1993 (Uhlig & Jaeger, 1995)


Breyer, Adolfo (1889-1936) 

Collected in South Africa [bombyliid type(s) in Natal Museum - information supplied by N. Evenhuis].


Breyer, J.H. 

TM leps


Breytenbach, E. 

SAM ants: 1986 (Saasveld).


Bridwell, J.C. 

SAM ants: (Cape Town).


Brinck, Per Simon Valdemar (1919- )

Lund University Museum. One of members of the Lund Expedition to southern Africa.


Brock, Paul D. (1958- )

Amateur entomologist studying phasmids (stick and leaf insects), but with a general interest in entomology.


Broekhuysen, Gerrit Jeronimo (Gerry) (1908-1975)

Initially worked as a Government entomologist in Pretoria but later became a lecturer/professor at the University of Cape Town and spent the rest of his life first studying marine biology and then studying birds.


Brooke, R.K. 

SAM ants: 1979 (west coast guano islands). Worked at the Percy FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology.


Brothers, Dennis J. 

Professor in Zoology and Entomology Department, University of Natal.


Brown, D.E.

Collected ants with husband W.L. Brown.


Brown, H. Dick.  

Specialist in the study of grasshoppers and their control. Has collected insects widely in South Africa most of which are deposited in the National Collection of Insects in Pretoria. NCI ants: 1956 (Vanwyksvlei).


Brown, J.

SAM ants: 1917-1918 (Vryburg).


Brown, John Croumbie (1808-1895)

[DASB IV, p. 60]?? - Check whether this is the same JC Brown; G&C p. 105.


Brown, J.H. 

SAM ants: 1970 (Nagel Dam).


Brown, J.S.

SAM ants: 1920-1929 (northern Namibian localities).


Brown, Nicholas Edward (1849-1934) 

[DSAB II, p. 92] - botanist - collected insects?


Brown, W.L. 

Ants in Museum of Comparative Zoology (Harvard). Collecting expedition to southern Africa in 19. Ant systematist who was a professor of Entomology at Cornell University.


Brunhuber, B.

Listed in Bolton (1982) as collecting ants in Oudtshoorn and Port Elizabeth.


Brünnich, Morten Thrane (1737-1823)  

Collected in Western Cape, South Africa [bombyliid type(s) in University of Copenhagen, Zoological Museum, København [=Copenhagen], Denmark - information supplied by N. Evenhuis].


Bryant, E.

SAM ants: 1934 (Prieska).


Buchanan, ?.

SAM ants: 1920 (Swaziland).


Bunzli, G.H. 

SAM ants: 1927-1952 (Zimbabwean localities).


Burchell, William John (1781-1863) 

G&C pp. 109-110.


Burn, G.H.

Lepidoptera in Transvaal Museum. Donation to S.A. Museum: 1894 (Tugela, Natal). Coleoptera in Museum für Naturkunde Berlin collected in South Africa (Uhlig & Jaeger, 1995)


Burnup, H.C.

TM leps


Butler, T.D.

Donations to SAM: 1893 (insects from Table Mountain; Knoflok's Kraal, Caledon district; Caledon; Wynberg; Rondebosch); 1894 (Caledon). SAM ants: 1908 (Kimberley).


Buttiker, W.

SAM ants: 1952-1954 (Nelspruit, White River).


Buyskes, Miss.

Donation to SAM: 1894 (Johannesburg).  














Text by Hamish Robertson  

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