Mollusca (snails, limpets, mussels, chitons, squid, octopuses, etc)

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Pear Limpet Patella cochlear (photo H.G. Robertson, S.A. Museum).


Nudibranch Mandelia mirocornata (Mandeliidae), named after Nelson Mandela (photo kindly supplied by Ángel Valdés and Terry Gosliner, California Academy of Sciences - copyright) 

Garden snail Helix aspersa (photo H.G. Robertson, S.A. Museum).



  • Class: Aplacophora. Worm-shaped deap-sea molluscs without shells. See the Aplacophora Home Page.
  • Class: Bivalvia (Bivalves)
  • Class: Cephalopoda (Cephalopods)
  • Class: Gastropoda (Gastropods)
    • Subclass: Prosobranchia (winkles, whelks and limpets)
      • Archaeogastropoda
      • Mesogastropoda
      • Neogastropoda
    • Subclass: Opisthobranchia (sea slugs and nudibranchs)
      • Acochlidioidea
      • Cephalaspidea (bubble shells)
      • Runcinoidea
      • Sacoglossa
      • Anaspidea (sea hares)
      • Thecosomata
      • Gymnosomata
      • Notaspidea
      • Nudibranchia (sea slugs). Includes a species recently named after Nelson Mandela called Mandelia mirocornata.
    • Subclass: Pulmonata (snails, slugs and false limpets)
      • Archaeopulmonata
      • Basommatophora
      • Stylommatophora
  • Class: Monoplacophora
  • Class: Polyplacophora (Chitons). See article "Animals with metallic teeth"
  • Class: Scaphopoda (Tusk shells)

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