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Mantophasmatodea (Heelwalkers): distribution

The order Mantophasmatodea was described on species from Namibia (Mantophasma zephyra) and Tanzania (Tanzaniophasma subsolana) as well as specimens representing an extinct species (Rhaptophasma kerneggeri) from Baltic amber (Zompro et al. 2001). Recent research has shown that further representatives of the order are widespread and fairly common in the Western and Northern Cape Provinces of South Africa (Picker et al. 2002, Klass et al. 2003). 


Global distribution of Mantophasmatodea. Solid circles represent South African records located in the Cape Floral Kingdom (horizontal hatching) and Succulent Karoo (cross-hatching). Other records () are restricted to Namibia (Karoo-Namib zone, vertical hatching) and Tanzania. Map produced by Jonathan Colville.

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