Genus: Scythris

Life > Eukaryotes > Opisthokonta > Metazoa (animals) > Bilateria > Ecdysozoa > Panarthropoda > Tritocerebra > Phylum: Arthopoda > Mandibulata > Atelocerata > Panhexapoda > Hexapoda > Insecta (insects) > Dicondyla > Pterygota > Metapterygota > Neoptera > Eumetabola > Holometabola > Panorpida > Amphiesmenoptera > Lepidoptera (moths and butterflies) > Glossata > Coelolepida > Myoglossata > Neolepidoptera > Ditrysia > Gelechioidea > Family: Scythrididae

Species native to southern Africa

List from Vári et al. (2002).

Scythris accumulate


Scythris anthracodelta


Scythris aquaria


Scythris brachyplecta


Scythris calciflua


Scythris canispersa


Scythris chloraema


Scythris clemens


Scythris cometa


Scythris concurrens


Scythris cretiflua


Scythris delodelta


Scythris dimensa


Scythris distactica


Scythris eloquens


Scythris erudite


Scythris exsoluta


Scythris faeculenta


Scythris farrata


Scythris fluctuosa


Scythris fonticola


Scythris glaphyropa


Scythris halmyrodes


Scythris homoxantha


Scythris ilyopa


Scythris justifica


Scythris lactanea


Scythris latebrosa


Scythris melanodora


Scythris melanopleura


Scythris meligastra


Scythris mesoplecta


Scythris nigrispersa


Scythris obstans


Scythris ochrantha


Scythris patiens


Scythris pelochyta


Scythris psamathota


Scythris rivigera


Scythris roseola


Scythris sacharissa


Scythris stagnosa


Scythris vulgate



  • VÁRI, L., KROON, D.M., & KRÜGER, M. 2002. Classification and checklist of the species of Lepidoptera recorded in southern Africa. Simple Solutions, Chatswood Australia.


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