Genus: Gorgopis

Life > Eukaryotes > Opisthokonta > Metazoa (animals) > Bilateria > Ecdysozoa > Panarthropoda > Tritocerebra > Phylum: Arthopoda > Mandibulata > Atelocerata > Panhexapoda > Hexapoda > Insecta (insects) > Dicondyla > Pterygota > Metapterygota > Neoptera > Eumetabola > Holometabola > Panorpida > Amphiesmenoptera > Lepidoptera (moths and butterflies) > Glossata > Coelolepida > Myoglossata > Neolepidoptera > Hepialoidea > Hepialidae

Species native to southern Africa

List from Vári et al. (2002).

Gorgopis annulosa


Gorgopis armillata


Gorgopis auratilis


Gorgopis aurifuscata


Gorgopis butlerii


Gorgopis caffra


Gorgopis centaurica


Gorgopis cochlias


Gorgopis crudeni


Gorgopis urcata


Gorgopis fuscalis


Gorgopis grisescens


Gorgopis hunti


Gorgopis inornata


Gorgopis intervallata


Gorgopis leucopetala


Gorgopis ibania


Gorgopis lobata


Gorgopis olivaceonotata


Gorgopis pallidiflava


Gorgopis pholidota


Gorgopis ptiloscelis


Gorgopis serangota


Gorgopis subrimosa


Gorgopis zellerii



  • VÁRI, L., KROON, D.M., & KRÜGER, M. 2002. Classification and checklist of the species of Lepidoptera recorded in southern Africa. Simple Solutions, Chatswood Australia.


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