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Glossary of Geographical terms

Far East. China, Korea and Japan. Some people also include the countries from Burma to Indonesia and the Philippines and even the countries of the Indian subcontinent. Used here according to its original meaning. See also Near East, Middle East.  

Middle East. "Formerly the countries from Iran to Burma: now generally used of an area including the Arabic-speaking countries around the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea and in the Arabian Peninsula, along with Greece, Cyprus, Iran and the greater part of N. Africa." (Chambers 20th Century Dictionary, 1983 edition). See also Near East, Far East.  

Near East. Regarded here as including Turkey, Georgia, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan and Iraq. "Formerly, an area including the Balkans and Turkey, and sometimes also the countries to the west of Iran; now synonymous with Middle East." (Chambers 20th Century Dictionary, 1983 edition). See also Far East.  

New World. North and South America.

Old World. The Eastern Hemisphere including Africa, Europe, Asia and Australasia.


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