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Eumycetozoa (slime moulds - part)

Life > Eukaryotes > Amoebozoa


Genera in southern Africa

Lists of taxa from Adl et al. (2005). Thus far I have not been able to verify which taxa have been recorded from southern Africa.

Protostelia (net plasmodium slime moulds)

Genera: Cavostellium, Ceratiomyxa, Ceratiomyxella, Microglomus, Nematostelium, Protostelium, Tychosporium.


The trophic stage of these organisms consists of uninucleate amoebae or amoebo-flagellates and multinucleate plasmodia; during locomotion, the protoplasts form filose pseudopodia; flagellate cells only in some members of the Protosteliida; one- to few-spored sporocarps are formed from the uninucleate to multinucleate protoplasts of the Protosteliida; stalk tubes are formed during sporulation in all members of the subclass. Cellulose has been identified in the stalk tubes of Protosteliida species. Members of this subclass have been isolated from dung, soil, and plant parts where they are presumed to feed on bacteria, yeasts, and fungal spores identical or similar to those used to maintain them in culture.


Myxogastria (plasmodial or syncytial slime moulds)

Genera: Arcyria, Badhamia, Barbyella, Brefeldia, Comatricha, Cribraria, Diachea, Diderma, Dydimium,  Echinostelium, Fuligo, Lamproderma, Leocarpus, Lepidoderma, Licea, Lycogala, Macbrideola, Metatrichia, Perichaena, Physarella, Physarum, Stemonitis, Trichia, Tubulifera, and Willkommlangea.


Dictyostelia (cellular slime moulds)

Genera: Acytostelium, Dictyostelium, Polysphondylium. Uncertain position: Coenonia.


uncertain position

Genera:Copromyxa, Copromyxella and Fonticula.




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