Tryngites subruficollis (Buff-breasted sandpiper) 

Taanborsstrandloper [Afrikaans]; Blonde ruiter [Dutch]; Bécasseau roussâtre [French]; Grasläufer [German]; Pilrito-canela [Portuguese]

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Tryngites subruficollis (Buff-breasted sandpiper)   

Buff-breasted sandpiper, California, USA. [photo Jeff Poklen ©]


Distribution and habitat

Breeds in the tundra of the high Arctic from eastern Siberia to Hudson Bay, Canada, heading south in the non-breeding season to north Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay. It is a summer vagrant to southern Africa, with approximately eight records in the region: two at coastal central Namibia, one at the Berg River estuary, Western Cape, two at coastal KwaZulu-Natal and another two further inland in the North-West Province and Gauteng. It generally prefers dry grassland, the margins of lakes and ponds, sports fields, salt-marshes and fallow fields, occasionally moving to beaches and tidal flats.


It forages in a dainty and rapid manner much like a plover, plucking invertebrate prey from the surface of the ground or water.


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