Larus heuglini (Heuglin's gull) 

Heuglinse meeu [Afrikaans]; Siberische meeuw [Dutch]; Goéland de Heuglin [French]

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Larus heuglini (Heuglin's gull)   

Heuglin's gull, Taiwan. [photo Awei Lee ©]


Distribution and habitat

Breeds in Eurasia, from the eastern White Sea to the Taimyr Peninsula, Russia, heading south in the non-breeding season to the Black Sea and the coast of East Africa, from Eritrea to Tanzania. Stragglers may venture further south to southern Africa, where it in an uncommon to rare but regular visitor along the eastern coast, from Mozambique to the Eastern Cape, generally preferring open beaches.


It is mainly a pelagic forager, flying out to sea and back every day; it has never been observed foraging ashore.


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