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Griswoldia sp. [image N. Larsen ]  

Griswoldia (formally Machadonia) occurs from the Soutpansberg (Limpopo) to the Cape Peninsula (Western Cape). With Phanotea, it is the most common terrestrial spiders in moist forested areas,. They are also found away from forests in grassland along streams with fern and other cool vegetation providing the required moist conditions. The females have a body length of 5.8-13.3mm. The males show little sexual dimorphism and are slightly smaller with longer legs. Griswoldia can be recognised by the pale medial band on the carapace with darker lateral bands similar to the lycosids. During the day it retreats under rock or logs and will easily desiccate in dry habitats.

Griswoldia is a patronym in honour of arachnologist Dr Charles Griswold

Text by Norman Larsen

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