Leucorchestris (white lady spiders)

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Species native to southern Africa

Of the seven species in this genus, two are known only from Angola (Leucorchestris alexandrina and Leucorchestris setifrons) and five only from southern Africa.

Leucorchestris arenicola (Dancing white lady)



Leucorchestris flavimarginata



Leucorchestris porti



Leucorchestris sabulosa


Leucorchestris steyni




Leucorchestris is reported to be the largest dune sparassid in southern Africa with a body length of 32mm. Species are white in colour with a black ring around the spinnerets. Some species have a yellow to reddish-brown colour.

Distribution and habitat

Leucorchestris is a psammophilous genus occurring on sand dunes in arid areas.  Originally thought to be a Namibian genus it has since been collected or photographed from Port Nolloth to the Witsand Nature Reserve in the Northern Cape.

Derivation of name

Leucorchestris is derived from the Greek orchestris meaning feminine dancer, and leuc referring to the spiderís white colour.

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