Nephila senegalensis (Banded-legged nephila)

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Nephila senegalensis (Banded-legged nephila)  

 Nephila senegalensis (Banded-legged nephila) [photo Charles Haddad ]



Typically of Nephila, the legs have a brush on the tibia of the first, second and fourth pairs of legs. The blackish legs are banded with yellow. The Banded-legged Nephila has a body length of 25-30mm. The abdomen is black with yellow bands or spots while ventrally it has a yellow sternum.

Distribution and habitat

Within southern Africa, Nephila senegalensis occurs in Kwazulu-Natal, Eastern Cape and northern regions of southern Africa.

Derivation of names

The specific name is in reference to the type locality.

Prey capture

See under Nephila.

Mating and reproduction

See under Nephila.

Ecological interactions

See under Nephila.


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Text by Norman Larsen

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