Nephila inaurata (Red-legged nephila)

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 Nephila inaurata (Red-legged Nephila) [photo Matjaž Kuntner ©]



The legs that are coloured brown with reddish bands and have no brushes on the tibia. It is a large species with the body reaching a length of up to 35mm and extending over the spinnerets.

Distribution and habitat

The Red-legged nephila occurs in the northeastern corner of southern Africa.

Prey capture

See under Nephila.

Mating and reproduction

See under Nephila.

Ecological interactions

See under Nephila.


  • Kuntner M, Agnarsson I. 2011. Phylogeography of a successful aerial disperser: the golden orb spider Nephila on Indian Ocean islands. BMC Evolutionary Biology 11: 119 doi: 10.1186/1471-2148-11-119

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