Clitaetra irenae

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Clitaetra irenae female. [photo Matjaž Kuntner ©]

Clitaetra irenae female. [photo Matjaž Kuntner ©]

This spider lives in trees (arboricolous) that inhabit the coastal plain forests of Maputaland in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, extending inland to woodlands in Malawi. It also occurs in Madagascar. The ecological niche of Clitaetra irenae is flexible; it normally constructs a permanent web against the bark on suitable trees that supply a partially closed canopy. The web changes from an orb-web and extends downwards to form a ladder-web allowing the spider to live against a single tree with the hub place at the top. Webs are constructed with white silk.

Publications (by date)

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