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Hersilia sp. Submitted to Biodiversity Explorer for identification by Miles Clarke.


Hersilia is a diurnal, arboreal genus which can sometimes be found on nearby rocks. They do not spin webs or construct retreats and can often be spotted only by the reflection of the sun on their dragline silk threads. They capture cursorial prey by swaying their long spinnerets over the victum and encircling it wrapping more silk over it. The prey is then bitten and consumed on the spot. The egg sac is wrapped in silk with bits of bark debris attached to aid camouflage.

Species indigenous to southern Africa

Hersilia arborea

Occurs in South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe.


Hersilia clarki

Occurs in South Africa, and Zimbabwe.


Hersilia corticola

Occurs in South Africa (Kwazulu/Natal).


Hersilia occidentalis

Occurs in Botswana.


Hersilia pugwensis

Occurs in Zimbabwe.


Hersilia sagitta

Occurs in South Africa.


Hersilia sericea

Occurs in South Africa (Kwazulu/Natal, Eastern Cape, Transvaal), Namibia and Zimbabwe.


Hersilia setifrons

Occurs in South Africa (Northern Cape) and Namibia.


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