Isoxya (box kite spiders)

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Small spiders, 3-7mm body length, with the typical sclerotised (porcelain-like) abdomen of the Gastricanthinae with four lateral and two posterior short spines. There are 6 species of these orb-web spiders found in South Africa.

Species indigenous to southern Africa

Isoxya cicatricosa

Isoxya cicatricosa occurs from Kwazulu/Natal to the Western Cape Province

Isoxya mucronata



Isoxya penizoides



Isoxya stuhlmanni



Isoxya tabulata



Isoxya yatesi

Isoxya yatesi named in honour of J.H. Yates the discoverer and author of the fascinating "Spiders of southern Africa", the book that introduced many amateur and professional arachnologist to spiders.


Text and images by Norman Larsen .

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