Argiope australis

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Garden spider, Argiope australis. Photo H. Robertson

Argiope australis. [image H. Robertson ].

Argiope australlis underside. [image N. Larsen ]

Argiope australis with prey. [image N. Larsen ]

Argiope australis egg sac. [image N. Larsen ]

Argiope australis (25mm body length) has a scalloped abdomen with yellow and black bands. On the Cape Peninsula some spiders have orange and black bands. Argiope australis occurs over most of Africa except in forests from South Africa northwards to north-east Africa. It is commonly seen from about January to June on its web amongst low base vegetation, within a metre from the ground. Males are tiny, measuring 5.5mm, and can often be seen in or near the females web. Juvenile females appear to have a more slender build.

Argiope australis (Araneidae) male above, female in middle and wrapped prey below. [image N. Larsen ]

Argiope australlis (Araneidae) spiderlings 1 week after hatching. [image N. Larsen ]


Text by Norman Larsen .

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